Fueled by a passion, inspired by his Father, what started as a hobby became a growing legacy of restoration and build accomplishments.

How It All Started

Sander was born in Zaandam, the Netherlands and from an early age Sander’s father introduced him to the world of classic mopeds and cars, igniting a lifelong passion within him.

First while studying, later while working Sander and his father worked in their spare time on restoring American Classic Cars for themselves and friends.

In 2017 Sander decided to resign from his day-job as a Techno Commercial Specialist at an Industrial Wholesaler. He took a leap of faith. His growing reputation for his excellence in Corvette restorations combined with his passion and determination is what started StingRay63 Builds – an all-American Classic Car Restoration & Fabrication Shop.

where the car passion started
Baby Corvette Fever - Opel GT

Corvette Fever

Over time Sander developed a passion for the true American Sports Car, the Corvette. This passion started with an Opel GT, known as The Baby Corvette, and evolved into buying and body-off restoring his first ‘real’ Corvette, a Roman Red 1960 C1 in 2002.

In 2004 Sander found the most collectible Corvette of the mid-year era and added an original Daytona Blue 1963 Sting Ray Split Window Coupe to his collection. In 2016 he decided to let his 1960 C1 go and replace it with a Black 1956 C1 Corvette with Silver Coves and Red interior. Sander and his father have gone all the way by meticulously body-off restoring both cars according to the NCRS guidelines.

For more than 20 years, Sander has been proud to restore a substantial number of classic Corvettes. As well as offering unsurpassed levels of knowledge of historic General Motors products and unique craftsmanship, his family-operated workshop can also provide Corvette parts and components and develop and manufacture in-house specific and customized replacement parts.


StingRay63 specializes in the restoration of Corvettes and American Classics, with an emphasis on brands from the General Motors stable.

The workshop provides services to passionate car collectors covering all disciplines from complete restorations (originality, custom or resto-mod), NCRS restorations, maintenance, parts supply and engineering.

Car restorations are predominantly, but not exclusively, for American Classic Cars such as Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Buick, AMC, Nash, Pontiac, Duesenberg, and Packard. The quality of Sander’s work has been recognized on numerous occasions, through reports in reputable car magazines and class victories by the American NCRS and prestigious European classic car events.

restoration of Corevettes
Octane Magazine - Sting Ray

In the Media

As of the 2010’s Sander’s cars and creations are avid visitors of Classic Car events in Europe. The past years media started to pick up and showcase Sander’s work, his meanwhile famous 1946 custom build Ford Cab Over Engine car carrier (COE truck) and the twin 1955 resto-mod Bel-Air Sport Coupe’s equipped with the famous Chevrolet LT-4 engines (from the C7 Corvette ZO6) featured in German publications of the CHROM & FLAMMEN magazine.

Since 2019, the renowed OCTANE MAGAZINE’s Dutch edition has featured numerous articles highlighting the diverse range of cars, builds, and customers associated with StingRay63.

‘Dreams do come true!’

1956 Corvette C1

1956 Corvette C1
(NCRS spec)

1963 Corvette C2

1963 Corvette C2 SWC
(NCRS spec)

1965 Corvette C2

1965 Corvette C2
(NCRS spec)